Friday, August 25, 2006

A misty morning in The Gap

I got up this morning and skipped breakfast to walk up into Brisbane Forest Park. I wanted to try for some photos of the sun breaking through the early morning mist. Unfortunately the sun didn't put in an appearance before my hunger pangs got the better of me.I did get this photo of some birds on the lake which I thought looked OK but I guess it could be visually confusing as there is no deliniation between the sky and the water. What do you think? (click on the photo to see an enlargement)

The Brush Turkeys are getting Spring fever and I photographed these two outside the Park Headquarters. The female was busy diging a deep hole in the nest mound in which to lay her eggs and was being fussily supervised by the male displaying his magnificent wattle. (looks a bit like the Lord Mayer's chain of office.

The female looks a bit potty!!

I was lucky enough to see a Jacana while waiting at the edge of the lake. Unfortunately it was a bit too far away, and the air was misty so the photo is a bit fuzzy. They are difficult birds to photograph as they are always on the move and are easily frightened away.